Freeney said he has adopted “creative ways” to get ready through the years

Palmer still managed to throw for 4,233 passing yards, but the rest of his numbers showed a troubling downward trend from 2015. His touchdowns dropped from 35 to 26, interceptions jumped from 11 to 14, yards per attempt plummeted from 8.7 to 7.1, and QB Rating went from 104.6 to 87.2. He also took 40 sacks — up from 25 the previous season — and generally looked haggard in the pocket, forcing throws and not looking nearly as composed as he normally does.

Now 37 years old, Palmer is keenly aware that the end is near. He took some time off after the season ended before confirming that he will return for a 15th season.

“My intent was to take some time after the season to get away and see where I was physically and mentally,” Palmer said. “On both fronts, I can say I’m ready to get back to work and prepare for the 2017 season.”

Palmer’s brother Jordan told campers at the Elite 11 high school quarterback competition last Friday that Carson would play one more year, 2017, according to SB Nation’s recruiting analyst Bud Elliot who was on the scene.

“I love football, but I’m not saying I live to be there that early,” a laughing Freeney said.

Freeney said he has adopted “creative ways” to get ready through the years, including water-based and boxing workouts, to maintain conditioning for football while minimizing the pounding on his legs.

“I only have a certain amount of miles on my body and I don’t know Cheap Jerseys Premier League when a tire is going to blow,” said Freeney, who suffered a torn quadriceps in 2013 while playing Cheap Jerseys Promo Code for the San Diego Chargers. “If I play this year, 16 years is a lot of wear and tear on the ankles, knees and joints.

“I feel great right now but you never know what’s going to happen. My training now is more about being smart instead of just trying to lift the building or run six miles.”

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