The Warriors were able to go over the cap to re-sign Iguodala because he was their own free agent.

They would not be afforded the same opportunity for Gay, unless Gay took the $5.2 million taxpayer mid-level exception. But he could have done that no matter what KD made next year — the only cost would have been from Joe Lacob’s wallet.

Presumably, Gay wanted more than that. In order to facilitate those expectations, the Warriors would have needed to create cap space to sign Gay. Creating cap space would have required Durant taking even more of a cut from the maximum he could have made.

The salary cap was set at a little more than $99 million. Golden State had five players under contract for next year making a total of $39.3 million. They also had nine free agents, including Durant, Iguodala, and Stephen Curry. To retain the right to go over the cap to re-sign them, they needed to keep their cap holds on the books. Those nine cap holds added up to $87.1 million.

Add those two numbers up, and you get to $126.4 million, which is $27 million over the cap.

Bogdanovic had a qualifying offer tendered from the Wizards, where he finished the season last year, but Washington revoked the offer once Bogdanovic agreed to terms with the Pacers, per Wojnarowski.

Bogdanovic fills an obvious need for the Pacers on the wing in the absence of Paul George. This is another step in a busy offseason for Indiana attempting to rebuild its team.

Bogdanovic isn’t going to make the Pacers competitive, but he does provide them with shooting they need out on the wing. He shot 37 percent from deep overall last season and 39 percent during his tenure in Washington. He also averaged 13.7 points per game throughout last season.

Bogdanovic’s signing doesn’t mean much in the long term for Indiana. It’s a Cheap Paintball Jerseys short deal with lots of team security. However, it does have a ripple Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys effect on what is going on around the league.

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