Clippers’ cornerstone crumbles a little more with Chris Paul injury

Chris Paul knew right away Monday his thumb injury was bad. The team confirmed it Tuesday: Paul will miss six to eight weeks after he has surgery Wednesday to repair a torn ligament.

That makes five straight seasons of at least one of the Clippers’ cornerstone players, Paul and/or Blake Griffin, going down with an injury. At this rate, we’ll never know just how good LA’s collection of talent could have been.

You might not be surprised to hear the Spurs made this play famous in the NBA — as Half Court Hoops broke down here — albeit with a few differences. The idea was the same, but they had a center in Tim Duncan take over the role of James and a shooting guard in Manu Ginobili take over the role of Irving. They also relied on the cutter’s ability to lull the defense to sleep rather than the quick pass from the elbow.

While it doesn’t make one version better or more effective than the other, there’s no doubt the Cavaliers have made it more exciting.

However, that doesn’t mean the Cavaliers don’t have a few tricks up their sleeves when they need a basket. One play in particular they’ve fallen in love with lately is called “UCLA Seal,” and they tend to reserve it for when Irving and James are surrounded by three spot-up shooters in a close game.

The play begins with Irving dribbling the ball towards Love and James Top Cheap Jerseys on the right side of the court. Love is positioned behind the 3-point line on the wing and James sets himself up close to Love at the elbow. Meanwhile, Frye camps out on the opposite Super Cheap Jerseys wing with Iman Shumpert nearby in the corner.

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